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"Negli angoli di casa cerchi il mondo" (In the corners of the house you search the world)
“Negli angoli di casa cerchi il mondo” (in the corners of your house you search for the world) is a quote from Guccini’s song “Un altro giorno è andato” (Another day is gone).
Just as Guccini sings, I searched the world in the corners of my house; this work was made during the long period of lockdown, due to the Covid-19 emergency, with the aim to represent my state of mind of that period. Soft and flat colours picture a corner of my home, as a metaphor of limit, in a repetiton as repetitively were those days.
The notion of time, my time, here is represented in a pure decoration. The corner is portrayed both as a physical and mental limit..


“Abbiamo invitato un po’ di artisti nello spazio” , Osservatorio Futura, Torino (IT)
Watercolor on paper - 10 cm x64

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