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"Negli angoli di casa cerchi il mondo" (In the corners of the house you search the world)
Guccini’s (Italian singer) quote from “Un altro giorno è andato” (Another day is gone) accompanies this work presented during the opening of Osservatorio Futura's space in Turin, and it is also the first exhibition after the beginning of the pandemic. Through the flat backgrounds of watercolor I wanted to create this composition in an empty repetition of a corner of my house, home, which with its limitations, has long been the center of our daily lives.
The soft and silent colors refer to an emotional condition that has often characterized the days during lockdown. The choice to represent this element of the house as a decorative cue is also defined by the lack of external input that inevitably led me, just as Guccini sings, to search in the corners of the house, the world.


Watercolor x64

10x10 cm

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