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10.01.1994, Chieri, (TO), Italy.

Bachelor, 2014-2018, Albertina Academy of Fine Arts, Turin, Italy.

Master, 2019-2021, Albertina Academy of Fine Arts, Turin, Italy.

Audio-visual installations / Mixed media.

Gionata Girardi is a multidisciplinary artist currently working with sound, interactive design, projections and experimental forms of data visualization. He expanded from the conceptual basis of printmaking, such as seriality, repetition and reproduction, into focusing on audio-visual and site-specific installations.
His approach to new media intends to create a technological ecosystem in which to explore our interaction with the environment. The core of his work revolves around water and time, memory and perception, sounds and shapes. To picture the entanglement between these elements, he wants to provide a context in which we can engage with them both from a personal and collective perspective.
His appoach to art is a research-based practice, to constantly experiment and question our historical present.

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