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As a result of the residency program Ventunesimo, this work originates from a series of explorations of the industrial landscape of Biella, which had and still has one of the richest traditions of wool manufacture.
In collaboration with the company Lanificio Zignone Spa, which provided the waste fabric from its production process, I create a dense weave of selvedges. I shaped the frames of the weaves imagining installing them on the architecture of one of the many abandoned factories of the city, the ex-Lanificio Rivetti.
The wool manufacture shaped the region over the centuries, and now, due to the relocation of productions, left behind an enormous amount of empty buildings. The recycled textile is a symbolic link to speak about this collective memory, creating a bridge between the past and present of the area of Biella.

“Moduli”, Ventunesimo residency, BI-BOx gallery, Biella (IT)
Recycled fabrics, wood - 150x275cm , Ø 100cm

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