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A Sound on the Water

“A Sound on the Water” is a project born from the discovery of a phenomenon called “cymatic”. This phenomenon demonstrates how sound, in its physical properties, affect water creating nearly perfect geometric and symmetrical patterns. By submitting small amounts of water to low frequencies I observed how the liquid was influenced. Thanks to a specific light I was able to take pictures of the water reflections which make visible the symmetries of the sounds.This work aims to rapresent in various formats, from etching to photography and installation, this peculiar connection that link water to sound.


2019    |   A sound on the water_ installation


 2018    |    A sound on the water_silkprint

Broken geometry, chaos. 2018, Photo 100x100cm.jpg

2018    |    Broken geometry, chaos

1 (FILEminimizer).jpg

2017    |    A sound on the water_etching


2018    |    In medio stat virtus

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