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Holy Waters

The theme of water as a rite of passage in which human and artificial dive in a flow of distortions, resonances and reflection to reemerge as an organic reality, part of the whole, a link; this is a sacred well in the land of analogue and digital, a representation of the point of contact between two worlds.

This is the second exhibition of the project “Holy Waters” that I am carrying on with the artist and sound designer Giorgio Sandrone.
During the festival NaturArte, as the entry piece of the entire show, the installation is set up in a 8x37m long hall where each totems is placed in the space for the public to freely interact with them. Through the touch of the water a sensor was triggered, playing a specific sound and frequency, on the water itself and in the quadraphonic sound system in the room. The five totems had a short melody each, allowing the audience to compose a proper music piece.
This is an ongoing research project that is evolving and adapting based on the space and the environment in which it is shown.

Sound, lights, water, loudspeakers, interactive system.

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