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About 2,56l of Time


What is the relationship between water and time? The installation “About 2,56l of Time” considers this question through the construction of a personal archive as an alternative way of exploring perception around time. Water in this work becomes a metaphor of time; the experience I had through it allowed me to create a representation of what a memory can be and the possible ways of relating to it.
The piece consists of collecting and presenting the data gathered from series of daily walks along the Landwehrkanal. For 64 days, I took water samples, videos, audio recordings and notes from different locations on the canal. The daily archiving began on 01.11.2023 and ended on 03.15.2023, taking place over the course of my residency in Berlin.
Each day is represented on the wall by a video and a sample; the strips reveal a slice of footage from the canal, while the collected water is positioned along the video to mark the time it was collected. In image and in object, an imaginary clock is created as a method of marking or measuring time.

Video projecton, water, sound | 250x160cm.

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